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As a beginner in programming and blogging, for that matter, I’m constantly looking for ways to envision the entire “Trunk” of whatever I’m trying to learn. For Example: Before choosing to learn to program I’d like to get a better idea at knowing why I would want to learn language x vs language y. Or choosing to focus on UI/UX and front-end development vs more server-side processes. Personally it’s a constant battle with where to focus my time each and everyday. So with that; I’m going to use this post as a whiteboard for the best tools, materials, lectures & media I encounter on my way to learn programming this year.



Dev Bootcamp

Hack Reactor

Coding Dojo

Online Bootcamp (Mentor Program)

Firehose Academy


Online Courses

Big Picture Ideas:

I believe the big picture if of upmost importance to the

Programmer Competency Matrix

Beginning Ruby:

Programming Books:

List of Free Programming Books –